Our investments

Lazarus investment portfolio consists of 7 companies, which collectively generate a turnover of over 4 billion SEK and employ more than 750 individuals.

Develops and delivers automation solutions to manufacturing companies, mainly in Sweden.

AH Automation is a high-tech company with specialist competence in automation and service. The company was founded in 1944 and was originally an electronic supplier and installation and service provider to the fishing industry. Today, AH Automation focuses on delivering and developing complete automation solutions to customers in the manufacturing industry, with Sweden as its main market.

Founded: 1944
Headquarter: Kungshamn, Sweden
CEO: David Hellström
Number of employees: 55

Leading supplier of corporate branding, printing services and visual communication solutions.

BrandFactory is one of the Nordics’ leading brand partners in visual communication and corporate profiling. The company helps customers in various industries to develop and communicate their brand concept in a physical location, through illuminated signs, vehicle decor, digital signage, foiling and product labeling. BrandFactory produces in its own facility in Linköping and sales take place from offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Leksand and Oslo.

Founded: 1963
Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden
CEO: Jakob Söderbaum
Number of employees: 120

Leading supplier of installation and industrial pipes in the Nordic region.

Cupori is a leading supplier of copper installation pipes in the Nordic region and one of the largest suppliers of industrial pipes in Europe. The company was founded in 2008 following a management buy out of Outopkumpu Oy:s copper business. Today Cupori produces installation and industrial pipes using castings in four different product lines (HVAC, Cooling, Medical gas pipes and Industrial pipes). The company has a strong core competence in developing and production of copper pipes for HVAC-installation and industrial use.

Founded: 2008
Headquarter: Björneborg, Finland
CEO: Jaakko Heikkilä
Number of employees: 125

Eco Log manufactures and sells efficient forestry machines for sustainable forestry.

Eco Log manufacturers, sells and repairs forestry machines (forwarders and harvesters) as well as harvesting heads. The machines are designed for Cut-To-Length forestry, which is the dominant technique in the Nordic countries. The company was founded through acquisition of Caterpillar’s product lines of harvesters and forwarders, an acquisition which also included the production facility in Söderhamn, Sweden. However, the manufacture of forestry machines has long-standing roots in the company’s production facility, which originally started in the 1970s by Kockums.

Founded: 2004
Headquarter: Söderhamn, Sweden
CEO: Daniel Bonna
Number of employees: 160

Eurosteel offers advanced workshop competence and customized steel components to customers expecting the highest quality.

Eurosteel Nybro AB is a steel processing company that produces advanced, customized components from heavy plate and offers qualified workshop competence to the Nordic industry. The company has extensive experience in various areas and is one of the few companies specializing in heavy steel.

Founded: 1973
Headquarter: Nybro, Sweden
CEO: Jan Fjeldså
Number of employees: 100

Nordic Brass Gusum AB is one of the oldest mill companies with roots dating back to the 1600s and is today the only brass mill in the Nordic region.

Nordic Brass Gusum AB is one of the oldest industrial companies with specialized brass competence. The company is currently the only brass foundry in the Nordics and produces 25 000 tons of brass annually in its own factory. Majority of the products, such as rods, ingots, nuts and heat-pressed details, are delivered to the Nordic market. Brass is a recyclable material that has a designated place in environmentally friendly workshop production, and 80% of the brass produced in Gusum is manufactured from brass scrap.

Founded: 1653
Headquarter: Gusum, Sweden
CEO: Björn Wiborg
Number of employees: 110

Stockholms Repairsyard carries out all kinds of ship repairs and maintenance at its quays, docks and workshops at Beckholmen in Stockholm.

Stockholm Repairyard AB is a full-service shipyard with quays, dry docks and workshops. The repairyard is situated on Beckholmen in Stockholm and where the island has been a repair yard since the 1850s. In addition to shipyard operations, the company also has ship service that offers all the necessary service in locations other than Beckholmen, as well as ship chandlery/e-commerce.

Founded: 1992
Headquarter: Stockholm, Sweden
CEO: Staffan Röberg
Number of employees: 80