About Lazarus

Lazarus is a special situations investor – we actively seek controlling ownership in companies facing significant challenges that may require a swift financial or operational turn-around. Besides potential investments in distressed cases, we also seek to assist in corporate carve-outs of non-core business and spin-offs of businesses from larger corporations and groups.

By combining access to funding and hands-on operational turn-around experience, we are uniquely equipped to quickly address such challenges and lead our portfolio companies through a transition period of transformative change. Our goal is to quickly bring our companies back on track towards sustainable profits.

The road back to profitability may differ, but often it entails significant and disciplined cost-savings and an increased focus on a viable core business. Balance sheet restructurings are often instrumental components of our turn-around process.

Lazarus can also invest in viable companies where we see potential for development, either organically or through acquisition. We see our portfolio companies as platform investments, where we can pursue add-on acquisitions. Additional acquisitions can be made in healthy companies as well as financially or operationally distressed companies.

The investment portfolio currently consists of 8 companies of various sizes, in different industries. 6 of the portfolio companies have their headquarters in Sweden, and the remaining two companies have their headquarters in Pori, Finland and London, UK. Lazarus has completed a total of 10 investments where two smaller holdings have been divested, so far.

Lazarus was founded in 2019 by four partners with experience in leading and acquiring companies in special situations. The team currently consists of 12 people with different background, but with an interest and experience in helping companies in crisis or with development needs.

Lazarus cultivates a strong professional network, with close relationships with, among others, industry experts, advisers, and investors, as well as Private Equity firms, investment bankers, and law firms. We use our network, among other things, to gain specific industry knowledge during acquisitions and in the turnaround process, as well as to find new investment opportunities.

Lazarus is constantly looking for new investment opportunities as well as people to join our network. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about Lazarus or our investments.

Lazarus was founded in 2019 by four partners with the experience of leading and acquire companies in Special Situations

As a privately owned Swedish limited liability company with a long-term investment horizon, Lazarus invests from its own balance sheet.