Lazarus is a special situations investor – we actively seek controlling ownership in companies facing significant challenges that may require a swift financial or operational turn-around. Besides potential investments in distressed cases, we also seek to assist in corporate carve-outs of non-core business, and we may also pursue add-on acquisitions to our existing portfolio companies.

By combining access to funding and hands-on operational turn-around experience, we are uniquely equipped to quickly address such challenges and lead our portfolio companies through a transition period of transformative change. Our goal is to quickly bring our companies back on track towards sustainable profits.

The road back to profitability may differ, but often it entails significant and disciplined cost-savings and an increased focus on a viable core business. Balance sheet restructurings are often instrumental components of our turn-around process.

Investment criteria

Situations: We have few restrictions; examples of situations include liquidity crises, covenant breaches, spin-offs or carve-outs from larger entities, etc. We favour bilateral processes where we can offer the seller or creditor the highest possible discretion and confidentiality.

Revenues: Normally SEK 200 million and upward (with possible exceptions).

Profitability: Weak or loss-making, but with improvement potential.

Instrument: We work across the whole balance sheet, with both equity and debt, and may acquire shares, claims or other financial instruments.

Ownership: No formal restrictions, but we only do transactions where we will reach a controlling influence.

Sectors: We work with all sectors and industries, except for start-ups and R&D companies that have never demonstrated operational profitability.

Geography: We work with companies with a Nordic connection, preferably headquartered in Sweden.

Our investors

Lazarus Industriförvaltning is financially backed by some of Sweden’s most respected business leaders, financial investors and family offices. Through our close cooperation with our investors, we are positioned to pursue investments of significant size.

Our team

Lazarus Industriförvaltning is managed by four experienced partners. Together with our senior advisors, we offer a unique combination of operational turn-around experience and in-depth financial and restructuring expertise.

Martin Alsander | | 0709-242034
Claes Jonson | | 0705-812549
Yann Blandy | | 0707-161731

Senior Advisors:
Pelle Törnberg
Magnus Mandersson
Kaj Relander


Deal opportunities: Claes Jonson | 0705-812549
Investor relations & media: Martin Alsander | 0709-242034
CxO network opportunities: Yann Blandy | 0707-161731